Start by cutting 6 strands of string, 3 of each color about the length of your arm from your finger tips to your shoulder.

Then fold all the stands in half together and make a small loop.

Tape down or have your partner hold your loop and separate your sections into 4.  Each section should have 3 stings in it.

You will start braiding by crossing section 1 over and bringing it to the middle, then crossing section 2 over section 1. Then starting from the same right side cross section 3 over to the middle and then section 4 over section 3. Be sure to keep the sections together so they don't get mixed up and tighten it up as much as you want as you go. You will continue doing this until it is long enough.

Start again from the right side and it bring it over and into the middle then bring the left side over and so on. 

You should get a pattern like this. After it is long enough to fit around your wrist tie it off and be sure to double knot it so it is secure. 

Next choose a piece of string and thread the button onto that piece through both the holes and slide the button down as close as possible to the end of the bracelet and secure it in place by making a knot and then double knotting it. 

TIP: if it is hard to get the string through the button holes try wetting the tips of the string to make it easier

After that trim the extra sting and you are all done! Feel free to rock your bracelet as an anklet or even modify it to make a key chain if thats more of your thing. 

It's going to be groovy

don't go breakng my heart

ain't no mountain high enough

I want you back

old time rock n roll



dancing queen

We have added some tutorials in case you don't know the dance or need to brush up on your skills. There are different variations of some of them so feel free to do your own! Put on some music and groove out!

If the video appears as unavailable, click the link to view it on youtube!