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Bunco Instructions

Before you begin, select a scorekeeper. The scorekeeper writes the names of each player in the space above the columns. Whenever a player scores points, the scorekeeper marks tallies in his or her column. Each round, the scorekeeper announces when a player reaches or surpasses 21 points. The round ends. While playing, it’s tradition to shout “BUNCO!” each time a “Bunco” (defined below) is rolled. 

Object of the Game

To have the highest score at the end of six rounds of play.

Bunco for Two

In each round, the players hope to roll the same number as the number of the round (for example, in round 1, the target number is 1). No other number will score (except when a Low Bunco or High Bunco is rolled). The scorekeeper will announce the start of round 1. This player then rolls all three dice and looks to see if any of them comes up as 1.
Any time a player rolls the round’s number (in this case, 1), he or she scores 1 point for each die showing this number and rolls all three dice again. Whenever a player fails to roll at least one current-round number, his or her turn immediately ends, and the dice are passed to the other player. Play continues in this manner until one player accumulates 21 points and wins the round.

For example, on his or her first roll in round 1, a player rolls two 4s and one 1. He or she scores one point for the 1 and may roll again.

If the player then rolls two more 1s, he or she scores two more points.

If the player rolls three 1s, he or she has rolled a true Bunco and scores 21 points and the round is over!

In round 1, this throw would end a player’s turn because a 1 was not rolled.

Bunco Terms

BUNCO: A three-of-a-kind of the number that corresponds to the round number (three 1s in round one, three 2s in round two and so on). This is often called a “true” Bunco. A true Bunco immediately ends the round and scores you 21 points.

bunco for round 4

LOW BUNCO: A low three-of-a-kind that is lower than the number of the round (three 3s, 2s or 1s rolled during round 4, for instance). Low Buncos score seven points.

a low bunco during rounds, 3, 4, 5, or 6

HIGH BUNCO: A three-of-a-kind that is higher than the number of the round (three 5s or three 6s rolled during round 4, for instance). High Buncos score five points.

a high bunco during rounds 1, 2, 3 or 4

SET: Six complete rounds (rounds 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6)

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